After 65 days of being in Newzealand I have finally been able to start Sketches From Aotearoa. After two months of organising and ironing out final adjustments with shipments, bank accounts, living, job etc I am proud to to release the first images and insight to my painting travels at least, more will becoming available to where I am living and a series of works from that location but for now enjoy.

Roy Peak – 15/12/18, taking over an elevation gain of 1,159m 1:55hrs up and 1327 calories later to the top alone, this was one of the most extreme plein paintings I have ever done, and defiantly the highest at 1,492, never mind the painting at the summit. I started the ascent at around 2.45am to arrive to the summit just before sunrise, more so to experience the change of landscape in both dramatic shift of light and cloud (as hinted within the video above). The temperature at the top at first was bitterly cold which impeded the painting at first, although once the sun arose I was soon covering myself in suncream. Roy peak was pleasantly quiet at least until I finished the painting. With this work I wanted to capture Wanaka from above, somewhat success I’m not sure, although what the experience taught me was that I could condense my setup and materials to a manageable degree I could take it on a day hike or potentially further, which is a welcomed delight with so many vantage points to paint. Await more adventurous painting posts to come as I have heaps of exciting painting vantage points, from mountain tops to kayaks to say the least.


Wanaka Lake – 16/12/18 


Glendu Bay – 15/12/18 The first painting of Sketches and from Aotearoa was of a beautiful places of Glendu Bay which was chosen by chance, I was driving up from Milford Sound in the dark, and had no idea to what the landscape of Otago would have to offer, from vast mountainous landscapes with endless hikes both day and further. I was pleasantly surprised that the weather conditions here in New Zealand are very welcoming to the plein air painting. Indeed the mountains are constantly changing, although the quality of light and colour is unprecedented. The landscape is certainly your studio, together with a sketch mobile which I will do a separate blog on soon.

Glendu Bay


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