William Wood – Artist and Educator

William Wood is a Derbyshire Born Artist who has worked extensively throughout the UK on various commissions, residencies, educational workshops, teaching and group artistic projects from the Furness Peninsula to the Isle of Skye . Recently in 2016 William had his first solo show exhibition with support from Signal Film and Media in which he presented a series of studies produced at the Crown on Walney Island, Cumbria and further consolidated works produced at his Nottingham based studio. William aims to use the tactility of oil paint to celebrate our interchanging landscapes with the ever changing atmospheres and skies. Williams works attempt to recall experiences in the landscape on the surface of a canvas or artist panel. It is the translation, discovery and vision which allows the paintings to become.

“It is important to allow a painting to speak for themselves in terms of balance of mark, gesture, colour and compositional balance, knowing when a piece is “finished” can be quite difficult to judge. I am not particularly interested in illustrating a particular scene with every blade of grass, nor do I want location to be particularly obvious. I want the paintings to speak for themselves as entity.” (William Wood: 2017)

William follows in the long tradition of landscape oil painting and in particular has taken interest in the works of Arnold Bocklin, Casper David Friedrich, William Turner and John Constable as sources of inspiration.

” I have always been an advocate of seeing Art in the first hand, especially historical pieces to which a lot can be in learnt in terms of techniques, materials and approaches to subject matter. ”


2009-2012 Loughborough University BA Hons – Fine Art
2013- 2014 Sheffield Hallam PGCE with Master Credits


2018- William Wood Artist Tour – ‘Sketches From Aotearoa 2018/9’ – New Zealand

2018- Nottingham Open Studios – 3rd Space Studios Presents

2017- Nottingham Open Studios – 3rd Space Studios Presents

2016- Solo Show – Barrow in Furness ‘William Wood – From the Peninsula’ – SIGNAL FILM AND MEDIA

2015- Artist in Residence Walney Island – ‘From the Peninsular an Off comers beginnings’ 

29th November- 12 December 2014- Breaking the fourth wall – Byron Cinema exhibition- Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

12th March – Five Squared, The Bohunk Institute- Nottingham

13th- Feb- 7th March 2014- Fresh Meat Presents,The Bohunk Institute- Nottingham

29th June- 6th September 2013- Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition– Buxton
Highly Commended

21st – 30th September 2012- Invasion – Transient Art – A.E Harris Engineering Works – Birmingham
15th – 21st June 2012- Loughborough University Fine Art Graduate Show – Loughborough University

24th- 27th November 2010 – Chewable Studios Collective, St Johns Ambulance, Leicester