The artist expedition  will involve myself William Wood travelling throughout New Zealand, both the  North and South Island producing sketches (pencil, pastel and orginal oil paintings from life along the way to document my journey, whilst also supporting an new body of work through the works, videos, photographs etc, developing from Islands Like Mountains on the Isle of Skye 2017 and From the Peninsula 2015/6 Solo Show. The vast varied landscape in New Zealand is host to mountains, many remote, islands, glaziers, forests, woodlands, marshes, geysers and so fourth to which I endeavour to translate through the process of oil painting.

Below is a an example of an Artwork Certificate which will affirms authenticity of the drawing/ painting (dependant on order choice, options and pricing coming very soon!!!) produced and signed by artist William Wood. The easels on the map indicate the different areas which can be specified on order, or simply keep an eye for website uploads.  Keep an eye out for blog posts to follow the preparation and build up to the artist expedition, also starting from May.

NewZealand Projectcertificatetestprint.jpg